Analysis of line

by indi77kz

So, what is it possible to see, giving a glance on the line of book-maker office and, mainly, what conclusions out of it tomake?
1. Difference of coefficients on a the same event for differentbook-makers.
Most lovers of rates choose one office and does notsquander time on comparison of coefficients. It isreasonable – as a rule, in the different offices of calculating sports betting odds verynear, because book-makers try to avoid a wide difference,not to give to the players to do the so-called “forks” (situation,when player, putting on the opposite events of the samematch for different book-makers, regardless of his endremains in a plus).
However, on distance even the small improvement ofcoefficients, at times, can change statistics with unprofitableon profitable, and taking into account that matches are,when an office is having the, special opinion and differencein coefficients can arrive at ten percents and more. It ispossible and quite to build the strategy exceptionally on thesearch of such rates.
Conclusion: at presence of accounts in different book-makercompanies, a player gets some advantage.
2. Difference between probabilities on an event oncoefficients and on your opinion.
It should be remembered that the task of line is being not ofexact probability on an event, and dividing of public opinioninto two approximately equal parts (on the sum of thepossible winning), in relation to one or another end. It isdone in order to avoid the accumulation of the put money onone side of event. In this case a book-maker can bearconsiderable losses, therefore, coefficients on the favouritesof match, majority of public puts on that, as a rule, are hardlyunderstated and rates on them on determination areunprofitable.
Thus, making a prognosis on a match, better at first to countcoefficients that you are distances on this match. For thispurpose, 100 is needed to divide into the probability of event,shown in percents, and if the coefficient of office appearedhigher, than got by you, id est sense to do a rate on this end.This strategy of rates is named value betting.
That is it better to present probability of winning of some”command And, it is needed to be set by a question: howmany matches from ten this command will be able to win ata “command”? Increasing the got number on 10 we will getprobability of event in percents.
Most difficult here – to expect the same probability of end.Undoubtedly, the workers of offices are very well able to do it,but they have to propose coefficients on hundreds ofmatches, while you are enough to choose from them only afew.
If, you discovered in coefficients on a match, some odditiesand does not understand them, then better do not do betting sports online odds football him.
3. Motion of line, i.e. change of coefficients on events in time.
Practically there are not events, that coefficients did notchange on 0.1-0.3, if motion of coefficient takes place on 0.5and more, maybe the result of this match is prejudgedbeforehand, i.e. simply it contractual match. Certainly,independently difficult enough to catch these motions, but inthe internet there are services that offer monitoring ofchange of lines of book-makers, for example, hot
If the starting line of book-maker represents his opinion onevents on that a line is given, then after the rates of players,a line represents opinion of players already, under influenceof that took place or another motion of line. Because as faras the accumulation of money on one of parties of event, abook-maker tries to bring over players to the rates onopposite. Thus, the main factor of motion of line i betting odds sport by players.
Far not always, but very often it is public opinion is faithful. Ifto put on the “proloaded” events on the changed coefficients,then a perceptible plus a player will not get. However, if hehave accounts in a few offices, then maybe, among themthere will be that in that coefficients remained primary. At thatrate there is sense to do a rate on this event, id est on that acoefficient fell down in other office.
So, it ensues from all said, that for a successful gameagainst a book-maker, it is desirable to have accounts in afew offices and analyse a line, but not to examine her only asthe final stage of forming of rate. In fact coefficient it is notonly some number by that a rate is multiplied in case ofwinning but also criterion for the choice of event betting news sports odds bookie horse .