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by indi77kz

5 errors of beginning player
Possibility to get own intuition attracts to itself many venturesome people. They go to the book-maker office in a complete confidence, that will get a quite good increase to the monthly profit, but abandon a decent sum there, and only begin to think then. We will take apart basic errors that accomplish beginning players.
1). Rates on sport ва-банк
Essence of problem. Very often there is a confidence in the soul, that in this match a favourite command will score off. Probability of it in own eyes is a 110хоть book-maker and estimates chances only as 2 by 1, and even worse. And it is desirable to put all free facilities on a result. But it appears in the total, that a rival prepared better and a rate lost on sport. A espn week 18 football picks remains without facilities.
Advice. It is not needed to risk all sum. Experience people rarely put large sums on one result. More advantageous strategy is considered to distinguish on the game of no more tenth part of facilities that you decided to inlay in a game. For example, if you on hands have 1000 roubles, then rates on sport, doing more than 100 roubles is not needed. And yet better and quite to risk sums no more 2-3т general.
2). Pursuit after high coefficients on favourites
Essence of problem. A player sees that on a concrete result, that, according to his opinion, is more than obvious, coefficients fly up suddenly. From victory of obvious favourite it is possible to get double and anymore winning. And again, when a result becomes known, then he appears unexpected disappointment for a college football picks spread.
Advice. Book-maker offices risk the money, making a bet with you, therefore they without strong reason will not change coefficients on rates on sport. Attentively will study the latest news – a player could get a small trauma, in his life strong shock or book-makers could happen suspected probability of conspiracy in this concrete case. Beware superfluously high coefficients on favourites, better less than – office football picks.
3). Superfluous carefulness
Essence of problem. There are players that do rates on sport with coefficients not more than 1,2. Probability of such events is very great. But for some reason they with enviable regularity do not come true.
Advice. Certainly, than less coefficient – the anymore, in opinion of book-maker office, probability of realization of event. But, strangely enough, much winning with such strategy will not be succeeded. In any shape or form sport unexpected scores, casual goals on the last minutes and other coincidences, can happen. Small coefficients play not so often, as want to you. Therefore does not pursue after them, the more if not very well imagine a situation before a game, the not best character understand this type of sport.
4). Rates on everything in succession
Essence of problem. Player, expert football picks cbs, starts making rates on sport right and leave, on everything in succession. Including on championship of Philippines on basket-ball, cup of Vietnam on football and chess tournament in Васюках.
Advice. It is better not to climb in those areas in that you know nothing. Whatever good coefficient stood on victory in the match of the Philippine basketball-players, if you first time in life knew that in this distant country in general play such game, then it is not needed to do a rate on sport. It is simpler the miss of the mark, what to begin to nfl football picks spread with similar strategy. It is better to be concentrated on those types of sport and competitions that is well acquainted you, in that for you there are not unexpected ends.
5). Out-of-control ardour
Essence of problem. A player can not stop. Waking up, he after breakfast calls on the web-site of book-maker office, to do rates on sport. In the day-time at work he repeatedly in the mode on-line puts on current events. An evening fluently перетекает in night and a man calms down only then, when all sporting events of current college football expert picks, hours are completed. The lost or won sums do not matter thus – rates on sport darken other whole world.
Advice. Play, and not заигрывайтесь. Rates on sport must be a pleasant hobby that brings income at correct approach, and in other cases – does viewing of match a bit more interesting and more venturesome. Get adrenalin, positive emotions from a process, but do not drop off. It is especially needed to think about that, to stop, if the “black stripe” of невезения came. Stop, while lost not a rouble over the money distinguished on a totalizator.
Stop, if a “white stripe” brought a quite good profit, because there always is a risk, that she will make off a large loss.
If to avoid the indicated errors, play calmly, prudently, to do john madden football picks on sport with a mind, then it is possible to win money at a book-maker office. Otherwise you risk to continue to tread on the same rakes, remaining in fools and simply translating the facilities in a stranger purse.