How to beat a book-maker office?

by indi77kz

Probably do you think now, that all of it is nonsense, in fact ifto earn in a book-maker office subforce each, then why didnot book-makers ruin oneself until now? And why onstatistics of dhoni match fixing does appear in a loss?

Actually all very simply. Yes, it is possible STABLY to win in abook-maker office, but to attain it, there is small one desire.A player will have at first to provide oneself luggage of knowledge, in future to show the resourcefulness, zeal anddiscipline. Here then an income will be. A problem is only inthat, whatever most players simply know or does notunderstand this элементарнейшей truth. Memorize, please!Before to do something, it is needed at first to learn to do itand only, then to proceed to the action.

But for some reason we look after such picture: the Averageplayer in a book-maker office, to informationabout phone in sports betting, that is named “On tops” reading the out-of-date articles on web-sites, snatches of reports on forums,knowing something from friends etc. begins to do rates. Asa result of such hasty actions in course of time he begins tostand losses. And, not looking on all “efforts”, sooner or latergoes to minus. Why does take place so? The error of playeris obvious!

Sports betting tips complaints to information on “pieces” from differentsources and not understanding all features of sporting ratesto the end, began a game. And in certain moment it affectedon his game. And all here! Most unpleasant, that in likemanner acts practically EVERY player in an office. Here fromwhere this stunning number undertakes in web sites for sports betting info. As it was stated higher: “Before to do something, it isneeded at first to learn to do” it, Otherwise nothing clever foryou to turn out.

But one time you read it reason, means you on a correctway. Therefore, let us begin our introduction to the world of professional betting odds sport from the analysis of his bases.
Three making successes

If you want to get a stable profit, playing the sport-bet, youmust know that three whale are, that there is base on allprofessional sports online betting flash:

# Operative management

# Literate analysis

# Complete account

These three whale, three absolute rules of progress, withoutthe observance of even one of them your, chances stably towin in an office become very transparent, and rather ingeneral impossible.

If you already have experience of playing a book-makeroffice, it can be known to you, that in most cases a gametakes place on a chart: today won 100 roubles, 150 losttomorrow… Quite often players give up rates on sport, evennot hampering itself to understand, in what here reason. Andreason is here banal: non-fulfillment one, and more oftenthan all three fundamental rules of беттинга. you mustunderstand therefore, that the observance of each of factorsof success has an enormous value, because they areclosely associate inter se.

Operative management – this factor supports the state andresponsible for distribution of your financial streams;

Literate analysis – on this factor success of your ratesdepends straight;

A complete account is a “resumptive” factor that works outthe total of joint work of the first and second factor, and alsoand all your game on the whole;

An operative management a playing bank (beckon amanagement) is one of obligatory conditions of the stablewinning in a book-maker office, however this condition veryoften is not executed. Wrong management by finances – oneof most often meeting reasons of failures at playing thesporting rates. In беттинге it is impossible to obtain thoughsome serious incomes without able beckon management.Without a correct management, your game grows into thesenseless spending of money and time.

An idea is here simple: an operative management co-starsin professional online sports betting and online sportsbook.

It is needed to define a start-up capital

So, first you must provide oneself a start-up capital (by aplaying bank) for rates on sport. This start-up capital, is thefixed money sum that you distinguish specially for playing abook-maker office. Your playing bank – it the family oneLARGE and of long DURATION investment in sport of bet, onthat farther more dividends will come as winnings from yourrates. Forming it playing bank, you must understand thatthese money can be used ONLY for rates on sport.

It means that you can not periodically carry from a playingbank for nfl betting line odds, when it will want to have a drink beer.Also, please, give to itself a report, that a sum that you gatherto distinguish for a bank will be invested, and anyinvestments are a risk. Therefore, try morally to prepare torisk money. Many, especially beginning players do notunderstand meaningfulness of role of playing bank,therefore I bring 3 basic reasons in his benefit.

A playing bank is needed on three reasons:

Firstly, to control the game, know exactly, how many give andhow many get;

Secondly, to behave on a “invisible leash” and not lose allfacilities at a time;

Thirdly, that “motions of retreat” always were, i.e. possibilityto be won back and return on the former level of gamewithout the investment of additional funds;

As soon as you will provide oneself a suitable bank for agame, at once we pass to his management. A management(managements) process by a playing bank comes true bymeans of financial strategies. The target of any financialstrategy is optimization of your winning and reduction ofprobability of financial crash (bankruptcies) or largeпросадок. As a matter of fact, financial strategies there is agreat great number. Are basic strategies like D’Alembert etc. And thereare “additional” strategies, articles about horse race betting.

that are partial modification of basic strategies.

Practically every successful player uses some strategy thatin one or another degree is modification of basic strategy.

Criteria of choice of financial strategy

#a 1 Strategy must not be aggressive, i.e. the sum of rateafter a loss must not increase in geometrical progression.The best of all, when size of rate either strictly fixed or settles accounts in nevada sports betting laws from a bank (for example, as in strategy the “Fixed percent”).

#2 Well, if there is an element of “analysis” in strategy, betting bbc sports personality when at the calculation of size of rate, the percents ofprobability of winning of rate appear.

#3 Never use going after and other strategies, founded hit”or miss. They are mainly counted on beginning players orcomplete lazy persons that does not want to engage in asporting analysis.

At the choice of the financial strategy try to follow theseprinciples. By the way, at a desire you can use more thanone strategy. Only in this case do not forget that on everystrategy it is needed to lead it separate playing bank.

Literate analysis of sporting events

The second inseparable constituent of professional betting binary options is a literate analysis of sporting events.Because a fate depends exactly on him, both your rates andall game on the whole. Now I to you, broadly speaking I willtry to explain how CORRECTLY to make a prognosis on asporting event. But before to make anything, first you to mesomething will promise:

Firstly: you will make prognoses only on those types of sport,that you understand. For example: if you already during neural networks sports betting book years look soccer matches, then you must work only withfootball and you not nearly need to “climb” in basket-ball, hockey or baseball . There simply it will have nothing you todo. Right now produce the estimation of the forces, definewhat types of sport you understand in, and what it is not in!distinguish for itself one (on emergency two/three) the typeof sport and entirely will submerge in their detailed study.

The professionals of sporting беттинга act ONLY so! Not fornothing they are so strong on the business, because alltheir efforts are concentrated in one point, i.e. in one type ofsport or even in one sporting league.

Secondly: you will make the prognoses, oriented not on theiramount, and ON THEIR QUALITY. It is not needed to try toanalyse at once 35 different sporting events for one day, it toanything good will not lead. Do you work not on a factory,indeed? Amount of your prognoses, inversely proportional totheir quality. It is therefore better to spend HOUR-ONE ANDA HALF on betting on line vegas of 3-4 rates and to be on  in their end, what for the same time foodball sports betting reposing only on intuition.

Thirdly: an analysis of sporting event is CREATIVE WORK,therefore you will make prognoses without a haste, nothurrying, turning the attention on every detail. A goodprognosis CAN not be MADE offhand it to you to model notvareniks. It must be even little time for you, that by brains, прокачать the possible ends of game.Time to tell to you about the free bet racing horse betting offer formula ofdrafting of any sporting prognosis came now.

At once I want to notice, the described method of drafting ofprognoses is “general” and befits for any type of sportingcontests.

Formula of success

Looks so: Statistics of Analyst Intuition = Sporting Prognosis

At drafting of sporting prognosis, you need initial point ofcounting out. As a rule, for this purpose choose playingstatistics. Thus so not only players but also book-makersthat on some events propose coefficients act, pushing offonly from statistics. The analysis of playing statistics willhelp you in future it is better to estimate the real placing offorces of commands or players. At consideration ofstatistics, I do not advise too strongly in her to deepen. Amost value is presented by statistics for 3-4 last games.

Also I want to mark that during work with the command typesof sport (for example, by football), it is necessary to know composition of the commands, indicated in statistics andcomposition that will play a current event.

The second element of good prognosis is ANALYSIS ofplaying event. It is the MAIN factor that entirely influences onthe rightness of your prognosis. Analysis of playing event,consists in consideration of factors that can influence on theend of game. And factors in turn are two types: direct andindirect. Under indirect factors it is necessary to understanddifferent force-majeure circumstances that “by implication”can influence on the end of game and predicting that ispractically impossible.

For example: sharp changing of weather terms, traumas of players at play, behavior of fanaticisms on tribunes andsome other surprises… As see, information such to guessbeforehand it is practically impossible (well, except aweather, perhaps) and at drafting of prognosis indirectfactors can be not practically taken into account. Much moreinterest is presented by direct Factors. This information justit is nevertheless needed to mortgage in the prognoses.

What it is possible to attribute to the direct factors: the statesof players in the moment of beginning of game (their forcesand feel), травмоопасный factor (traumas got players to thegame), motivations, competitive spirit, interpersonalityrelations into a command… And yet, so much…

Well and the third element of our formula, it… Correctly! INTUITION! Know! At all professional бетторов sense ofintuition is developed to the limit. To them only enough tolook in a line, as they already by implication can predict theend of game. Never drive in itself internal voice, vice versa,listen to him. I underline not blindly submit, and only listen.Intuition, she only will be some invisible final stroke fordrafting of explain sports betting lines.

I want to notice that your intuition will develop in geometrical progression together with your experience. Some newexperience, all more intuition will generate. Change the firsthundred sporting prognoses, and you will make sure herein!Listen itself not only, when already began drafting ofprognosis but also when choose a suitable playing eventfrom a line.

It is sometimes, opened a line, look, as though suitable notdifficult match, coefficients good, but suddenly, your internalvoice is included and calls you to give up this event. Thenagain, better listen itself and give up this rate. In general,take out cotton wool from ears and begin to listen itself! Infinal analysis, you will not feel sorry.


Investing money in sport of bet, it is always needed to know,how many give, and how many get. Exactly for this беттору itis simply necessary to conduct statistics of the game, id estaccount of the rates. Conducting the timely account of rates,you will be, firstly, to know objective position of thebusinesses, secondly, possibility to STUDY ON the business home make money online opportunity shopping will appear for you. Exactly to study on theerrors. In the world crowd of players as a flock of sheeprushes about from a side aside day after day, assuming thethe same errors.

And to nobody of them even in a head does not come to bestopped for a minute and analyse the actions. Why “то-то” or”то-то” does not turn out for me… NO, for them it is simpler tocontinue a game, what to think above the actions. “I willcontinue to put and sooner or later for it rendered” me issuch constitution of mind at most big make money online of sporting. This in a root wrong idea about sportinginvestments. Memorize, please, once for all!

A successful player simply is under an obligation,periodically to analyse the rates in the past”, in the future” toshut out similar errors. As it was right said, “Key to perfectionis hidden in self-knowledge”, therefore you must be ABLE toexpose reason of the miscalculations. And will help youherein, only ACCOUNT of RATES.

Believe in itself and be better!

If you in earnest are adjusted to get an income from a gamewith a book-maker, then firmly be on the feet and neverretreat half-way. I can bring to you 1000 over and a 1example that, how great number of giving hopes players, notable to manage with itself and either gave up engaging insporting rates or went back to a disorderly game. They didnot simply have a persistence and will-power. As I alreadytalked in beginning of this, professional articles on make money online it is not principle of action of nuclear reactorof standard 1967 year.

However, in any undertaking can will meet thecomplications. Therefore you must them able to overcome. Aroad in 1000 kilometres is begun with a little step – mastersof can you make money with online radio talk… And it is very important on this way to GOCONSTANTLY – WHATEVER THAT BECAME In!

Therefore, do not be do small task online make money, if you put before itself atarget to get a stable income from sporting rates, then aspireto this target несмотря not on what! Yes, here so simply,without exclamation marks. Only one word is discipline.Discipline – it an unique thinking and actions process thatkills all your lack of restraint develops a will-power and doesnot give to reconcile oneself to with the grasped failure. It isfoundation of any productive actions!

Discipline – one of above all internalss of punter, the fate ofyour game depends in a great deal on her. Therefore, if youfeel for itself the lack of discipline, you must as quick aspossible begin in itself to develop like quality, in future it youwill be very useful for.

Sometimes, especially at a long-term game with the book-maker of rate begin to bother. Even if you win one rate afterother, however in course of time brains begin from thisbusiness to get tired. The so-called crisis of player cancome – when you are tired and undermines you to bespattersporting rates for keeping. That it did not happen to you,there is one method of “defence”, that is simple as theSiberian felt boot! That make lot of money online did not have time you to betired of, rationally alternate him with rest. Simpler speaking,DO breathing SPACES.

For example, put before itself a target to increase the playingbank on 20как only you attain do this target small breathingspace. Let even quite little, but do a hitch. During breathingspace fully rest from sporting rates, ventilate brains andprovide oneself energy. Well, and since forces will berecovered, it is time again to go out on a ring and knock outbook-makers.

Always polish the skills in area of sporting rates. Promotethe knowledge in area of sporting all possiblemethods! Knowledge never are much! Develop analyticgeometry, intuition and other internalss, inherent successful ecurrency make money online from home . you will get from it only BENEFIT! Remember isforce of professional in his knowledge! Is it necessary to addsomething to it? A value of any knowledge is in that he canbe applied in practice. It I think to you and so clear.

Therefore do not be afraid to experiment and do not be afraidto operate, in fact in any case, only so you will be able to findEXPERIENCE. I do not doubt that for you all will turn out.