Put on that know

by indi77kz

With book-makers I play a long ago, years seven. Once too was a novice accomplished, as now seems simply child’s errors. Now I will tell basic principles of correct choice of rate to you, naturally it does not guarantee winning on each of them, but all will allow to avoid unnecessary losses.
You know, to me is sometimes funny when I see the players of putting on everything in succession. Having, too, sad experience such, I got a clear idea of and all of you I advise, most important to do rates only on those events in that you understand perfectly. And heard not simply somewhere, that Barcelona champion, and she beats all, and some vip sports betting obvious outsider.
Next prejudice, that, having at a tournament table a hand, you without effort will guess the results of matches. Main here far not tournament table, and possession exact information about commands: form, tasks on a season and active tasks, state of leaders of commands, traumas of players et cetera. And information it all and what her anymore, that you will analyse a match better, and and will put on a correct end.
Further for you before eyes line. It is now needed to take away events. As I talked already, some short-sighted players put on everything in succession, and worse than all, when does not even understand this type of sport. It is a faithful way to the loss. It is always needed attentively to choose events and group them on the degree of confidence as a result. Main that the confidence of ball is supported by logic, but also intuition, if her you have, sometimes helps too.
Another error, that looking on the coefficient of rate, even not understanding sport, it is possible to guess the end of match. Therefore a coefficient must not play the first role here, in fact they are proposed by a book-maker and not fact that he does it in accordance with realities, sometimes on a not attentiveness, and is and special, they wrong. Although at times we are attracted exactly by a coefficient, exactly here and logic and intuition are needed, to see these coefficients, and believe my experience them not so small.
To do rates in the Internet or go to the book-maker office, it is needed already on betting odd, as well as what you will put on. Although, playing the Internet it less meaningfully.
List of information that a player must know about commands :
it is tournament position
it is balance of games of paterfamiliases
it is balance of games of guests on departure
are scores of the last games of commands
it is history of their meeting inter se
But I would not begin to over-estimate meaningfulness of this information, in fact from statistics depends percents 50 no more. Naturally no information will give web sites for sports betting info in the end of match, and an estimation needs to be done coming from all complex information, even can not quite sporting. It is here needed to pay attention to the news from the figure of commands. Information is also important about that, what value has a concrete match for commands. But also here many at times even not sporting factors of influencing on a result.
It is needed not to lose from a kind, who will judge this match, what will be weather, support of fans et cetera.
Therefore, having more information, you promote probability to guess a correct end. Although honestly I will notice 100спех rates, guaranteeing is impossible, in fact it is sport and whatever can happen on motion a match.
In the end, pair of advices : if gather to put a powerful lot of money you need to find the best coefficient on this event, call on the exchange of rates of Pinnacle Sports. Practically always you will find the best coefficient there. And yet, never change the decision on the account of rate at the supreme moment, yielding to advices other, upright at the window of book-maker office.
Successes on rates!!!