Literate analysis of sporting events

by indi77kz

There is not not single successful strategy of playing book-maker offices, that leans only against statistics. Using to the statistician is needed at the analysis of forthcoming game, but it must not be a basic criterion for a prognosis. We will try to understand, what moments need to be taken into account at the analysis of sporting event.

1. Position is in a tournament table
To look in a tournament table makes sense only then, when хотя-бы one third of season passed. Also, table to you nothing will say, after an offseason. Some commands well became stronger at this time and conducted fruitful bet online sport book, while other lost the row of leading players.

2. Form of commands
Look at that, how commands were played in five-six last games. Also note should be taken on the last domestic and guest playing, amount of hammered and skipped in heads them.

3. Players
Length of command bench, amount of trauma players before a match and players that “hang” on cards, can influence on a result.

5. Status of tournament
For example, status of cup is unhigh in Russia, therefore many commands of higher divisions keep oneself aloof from him, to unload the calendar. The English commands not highly estimate League of Europe and, frequently, propose experimental compositions on the games of this tournament.

6. Season
The most European soccer tournaments begin in the middle of August. During the first five turns of sport bet pick there are sensational scores. Only after one third of championship the game of commands is stabilized, and scores become in most bet jamaica sport book.

7. Statistics of league
It is also necessary to look and on the general indexes of tournament. For example, championships of Holland and Germany were always famous plenty of heads, while in Italy of command usually play the online sport bet site less than.

8. An atmosphere is in commands
Certainly, heavily to understand an outsider, what atmosphere reigns in collectives, nevertheless, it is possible to guess about it. Even the interviews of players can give to you food for