Tactics of rates on subzero coefficients

by indi77kz

This article we decided to take away in a separate theme, because putting on subzero coefficients is possible, and makes sense, but not in all book-maker offices, and strategy of rates on subzero coefficients strongly depends on self-control and ability of player, she without the quite not risk of loss, as can at first appear. In general, we will try to describe our approach here, and you can decide farther, how you must use this strategy of rates.
Tactics of rates on subzero coefficients befit ideally, for example, as strategy of rates on betfair. We will explain why:
As you know, on betfair the wide line of possible rates is present, and most important are rates of live, id est you can do your rates during all soccer match. What herein good? And well exactly that, that is constantly present great number of possibilities to do a rate on a subzero coefficient, we will say a coefficient from 1.01 to 1.05. In addition, betfair is an exchange, due to it coefficients on rates sometimes grow up in those cases, when it you will not wait till, playing against a book-maker.
Advantages of tactics of rates on subzero coefficients:
– Certainly, subzero risk to lose money on a rate.
it is the Enormous choice of events on that it is possible to do a rate.
– excellent knowledge of playing commands and championships is not required you on the whole.
it is the Rapid turn of facilities.
Lacks of strategy of rates on subzero coefficients:
– If you lost to ставку, then to win back her you will be long enough.
it is the Permanent desire to be rather won back in case of failure, that conduces to the additional losses after next thoughtless rates.
– You not always can have time to put a necessary to you sum, because money (say, instead of 100$ you will succeed to put only 16.54$ on the chosen coefficient) can make off in a bank.
– If you want to begin to work – strategy of rates on subzero coefficients will occupy for you plenty of time, because will be constantly to do all new rates, having time here to analyse what be going on the field.
it is Impossibility to analyse the real correlation of forces of commands in every match.
– As strategy of rates will suit on betfair, but will not suit in some other book-maker offices.
To our opinion, it is actively needed to play the subzero coefficients 1.01 – 1.02, with a carefulness on coefficients 1.03, very considered on 1.04 and 1.05. Remember, coefficients are always understated, id est each time playing the coefficient 1.05, you, for example, really play the event, probability of implementation of that really below than this coefficient, id est not 95/100, and somewhere 93/100, as a variant, even using strategy of rates on subzero coefficients on betfair.
It is optimal to do rates on subzero coefficients on total (for example, commands play 1: 0, after the first period, you have possibility to do a rate on that after completion of match the common amount of heads will not exceed 5,5 (tm 5,5) with a coefficient 1.02, if you are herein sure, then bravely do a rate and pass to the next event, not forgetting about the done rate, that in case of obvious possibility to lose all put sum, have time in time to show out part of money).
Optimally to break up all present bank approximately on 10 parts (your active 10 rates), no longer makes sense, because you will not have time after everything to keep an eye, and the turn of facilities turns out rapid enough (if for you bank of 500$, every your rate will equal accordingly 50$).
In such spirit you choose suitable events on motion a game and do rates on them. For the day of literate rates it is possible easily to increase a bank to the amount of rates. (Exactly to the amount of rates but not whole bank.)
Better, if you well understand football and initially present on what, approximately, commands on that you put are capable is helps to economize money and nerves you. Similarly well, when you can look a match on that you put, to estimate the real laying out of events on the field, especially in case of rates on coefficients higher 1.02. Memorize, do not put a rate simply so, because “you it seems” to or “you чуете”, that your rate will win.
At least it is needed to look statistics of clubs and championship before to do a next rate, spending 5 – 10 minutes, will economize 10-100 dollars (or anymore). (Collect statistics on interesting you championships, she must be for you near at hand, before to proceed to the rates). It is possible, certainly, to lean against a result on motion a current match, but believe, 6 heads in the second period after the zero first is not rareness.
Our last advice – using strategy of rates on subzero coefficients, if you lost to ставку, do not hurry to be won back, cool off, take up today anything other, by not rates, won back tomorrow; today, trying rather to remove the lost rate, you probably will lose once again.
Well and if you prefer to put on solid coefficients from 2.0 and higher, then to you here.