Maybe it to beat a book-maker?

by indi77kz

If rates are for you – not simply one of forms of leisure, and by a source additional, and maybe and constantly earnings, then your task consists of that, to aim constantly to beat a book-maker. Although not quite right so to put a question. Beating a book-maker not maybe in principle, because you do not play with him. you win or it is done by other, in any case a book-maker will get 8-10разу, as you will do the rate.
Therefore to beat to you coming not book-maker, and other players, but for this purpose be more clever, rapid and informed.
Certainly, internal voice and some sporting presentiment are good business, but if you did not yet accumulate enough experience, depending upon them is not needed. Begin to study thematic literature, interesting you statistics, news and materials. In course of time, when will develop own intuition, will know that it is necessary, and that is not necessary to be done. Whether to choose on small coefficients, that more chances were on winning, or a less credible result, to try to blow off.
Other no less important question that stands before novices, it whether needs to be put only in one office or better at once to lead accounts in a few book-maker offices. Well leading accounts is possible in all at once offices, it quite not means that is needed at once in all to put on a the same event. It is first needed to find one office in that will feel comfortably enough to you.
And already then, depending on that, to the rates what type of sport you give preference on, to pick up for itself offices with the best under these sporting prognoses coefficients.
If after all read you understand that on the study of all of it for you spare time simply will not be enough, then you always can be laid on our experience and buy for us the qualitatively analysed prognosis on football, basket-ball or hockey.