Rates on football: why is the Asian handicap the safest type of rates?

by indi77kz

For the players of book-maker offices that do rates on football, the great number of types of rates is accessible: basic end, Asian handicap, exact account, period/match, goals etc. Every type of rates on football in its own way is specific, but the Asian handicap is the the least risky type of rates, and in this article we will try to prove it.
In most cases rates on the Asian handicap are a less. In fact usually it is far easy спрогнозировать a difference in an account, than amount of heads, as in the case of тоталом. Quite often even the matches of driving commands close not effectively. In fact, the amount of heads in a match depends on the scenario of match. So, when one of commands hammers, then a game opens up and after it it is needed to expect the great number of heads. And if will both commands play from defence and the first goal it will be in the middle of the second period?
Id est it is difficult to guess, what aims will be put by a trainer on a match, what tactics and strategies will be used. Therefore to put on тотал – it always risky.
Otherwise there is a situation with the Asian handicap, as a difference in an account, as a rule, it is far easy to guess. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate the form of commands, look statistics of matches and previous personal meeting. If, for example, one of commands for a season never lost a more than 1 ball with a difference, then it is possible to put bravely фору 1 on this command, as is approximate 95веренности in that they this time will not lose a more than 1 ball with a difference.
Id est in the process of analysis you understand that an account 1-0 can be or 4-3, but this command will not lose in 2 and more than balls. Although the in rates on the Asian handicap, certainly, I am too.
Like and in comparing of the Asian handicap to other types of rates : period/match, goals, exact account et cetera. Certainly, all depends on a concrete situation, but in most cases is a more confidence is in that a command will win/will not lose with a difference in the determined amount of balls, than in that a concrete command will hammer in, will win the first period or will win with an account 3-0. In principle, following this logic, rates of type a “basic end” and “double chance” also can be named less risky.
But the Asian handicap, unlike these types of rates, gives more possibilities for the choice of suitable rate. And in case with plus players have the opportunity to be reinsured, for example, to put f2 ( 1), but not X2.
In the end it is needed to mark that in a great deal the choice of correct rate on football depends on before match analytic geometry. Exactly before match analytic geometry allows to place all points above “i”. Coming from the obtained data, it is possible to do certain conclusions to know, what rate will be safer – total, basic end, fora or some other. In spite of the fact that in most cases the Asian handicap is the safest type of rates on football, the oriented is necessary, foremost, on an analysis.