by indi77kz

There are people that earn millions on sporting rates. And it is a true. Ask are they on so much lucky? Maybe. Do they behave to the sporting rates not so as ordinary players? Quite so!
People that can do millions on sporting rates have another thinking of winners. And it can be said, gold key to success and most important constituent for stable commercialisation.
Studying historical books, you can understand that many great leaders talked about such thing, as philosophy of winner. Here to you direct quotation of: “Nothing will prevent to the man with correct vital position to obtain the target, and nothing will help a man with wrong vital position”.
How is philosophy of winner applicable in sporting rates?
“But defeats from victory you must not distinguish”. Boris Pasternak.
Did you notice probably, that win those for that victory was on a that moment the least important mostly? In fact it is a not at all chance.
To get a result to that we aim, it is needed to try fully to disengage oneself from all emotions. Only target and anymore nothing. Thus the concentrated is needed not on victory, and on that, to do everything by the best character, to get in the end what we want.
Now more detailed about it:
When you try to be concentrated on victory, you are here embraced by mass of emotions : excitation, fear of defeat, sense of competition. And it badly. All of it very mixes.
It is therefore needed all ideas to concentrate on that, to do everything as good as possible, here not realizing that will cast aside meaningfulness of victory as such and carry a spotlight in the area of result. And exactly then, when you will be maximally concentrated on a result – you will be able to do everything by the best character, and far more chances to win will appear for you.
Being glad is needed not only to the victories, but similarly and to the defeats. It is needed to understand that a great deal is given by both victories and defeats. Therefore behaving to them is needed always identically.
A “pessimist searches complication whenever possible, an optimist searches possibility at any complication” Winston Ch.
It is impossible to win on sporting rates without losses. For many people a few losses will become a sufficient occasion, that will lose thinking of winner and the same even to bespatter to engage in rates. Why? They do not have the decision.
A “desire is the key to motivation, but persistence and resolution on a way to the target – here basic factor of success”
Decision and only she, can compel you, in spite of all complications continue to think as a winner. Acting exactly, you will notice that every day approaches you to the target growingly. And exactly each, from these days will create from you a winner and to conduce to success.
A “action releases from doubts that a theory” can not blow about Hide
If you gather in earnest to engage in rates on sport, and want to do their basic, and can and only sources of income, then you simply must work out the reliable system that will conduce you to the target.
A “true is in that not many from us get things done in default of due concentration. People that want everything to have time – never are experts in any area” of Anthony Robbins.
Thinking of winner simply must be developed, if you are aimed to be on velvet in sporting rates.