Most popular types of sport in the world

by indi77kz

Association of assistance to international motion “Sport for all” (TAFISA), presenting the permanent working group of commission of the International olympic committee (GOT WET) “Sport for all”, on XX World congress of TAFISA in Buenos Aires presented the list of 20-и of the most popular and mass types of sport in the world (in percents, from all occupying in 200 countries, including Russia), агенство reports “All sport”. Curiously, that less than, than unolympic olympic kinds appeared – nine against 11-и.
“Certainly, on scores research of TAFISA is temptation to be set by a question great: what types of sport are included in the olympic program – most popular or most being badly in need of advertisement smiled. – But to contrast olympic and unolympic kinds – wrong. Superiority of unolympic kinds above olympic on polarity and mass character talks rather about other: the kinds included in the program of summer or winter Games are so perfect standards, that they are difficult to follow.
It is impossible to wait from people that visit fitness clubs, execution even of the simplest program, from a calisthenics. Equal as and from track-and-field lovers – stunning pole vaults; for this reason leadership of track-and-field in rating of TAFISA reposes almost exceptionally on health at run and walking. And football is a not level of the national combined teams or professional clubs, and court football, beach football.
Accordingly, in the percents of swimming an about half occupy unolympic disciplines is diving very popular on resorts, and swimming, in flippers. For a hit in rating of sporting dances, think, it is needed to say “thank you” tv men. Now in many countries the world, not only in Russia, go and use enormous popularity different modifications of “Dances with stars”. Accordingly, an inflow began in the clubs of dances.
Ski sport – it ski races mainly, in “twenty” of TAFISA – due to the high level of development of amateur sport and physical education in countries Scandinavia, Finland and Sweden lead on the number of occupying in the whole world – according to 72 and 69 percents from all population of country! Well and, certainly, annual “Track leave by ski of Russia” brought in the small contribution too. Interesting situation with single combats.
Into this kind quite not olympic kinds lead is a free, греко-римская, free fight, judo, boxing, and gymnastics and single combat, ju-jutsu. Interestingly place in rating of orientation. It some mixture of sporting orientation and sporting tourism is pedestrian routes, routes of day off, including on historical places. First rating of TAFISA was entered by extreme sport. There very much different kinds: and ski-jumping, and alloy on the rivers, and break-dance, and in the latest style.
Each of them has very small percents, but in a sum turns out fully perspective a 1,1 percent. Unfortunately, the intellectual types of sport were not taken into account in research. I am sure that a chess and bridge would compete with football for the second place”.
Most popular and mass types of sport in the world (in percents, from all occupying in 200 countries, including Russia) :
1. The track-and-field (walking, at run) is 9,6 percents
2. Football is 8,4 percents
3. Swimming (including, unolympic kinds are diving and swimming in flippers) is 8,1 percents
4. Yoga is 7,4 percents
5. Bicycle sport is 6,4 percents
6. Basket-ball is 5,7 percents
7. Volley-ball (including, beach) is 5,4 percents
8. An aerobics is 5,3 percents
9. Tennis is 4,9 percents
10. Bodybuilding is 4,7 percents
11. Golf is 4,5 percents
12. Sporting dances are 3,8 percents
13. Ski sport (ski races, mountain skis) is 3,4 percents
14. Single combats (free, woman fight, boxing, judo and unolympic kinds, ju-jutsu,) are 3,4 percents
15. Table tennis is 3,1 percents
16. An orientation (tourism) is 3,0 percents
17. National types of sport (including) are 2,7 percents
18. Rock-climbing is 2,6 percents
19. Roller sport is 2,0 percents
20. Extreme sport is 1,1 percents
Other types of sport (leaders are billiards, bowling) are 4,5 percents