Decision-making chart about a rate

by indi77kz

If to accept a game with book-makers in earnest, id est, as not entertainment and ardour, but as type of investments, then the market of sporting rates is often compared to the exchange, and such comparison fully appropriately.

On the basis of it we will conduct an interesting analogy – we will consider a decision-making chart about opening of currency position (to the purchase of currency) at the currency (forex) market and will compare to the chart of decision-making about a rate.

So, Chart of analysis of factors influencing on making decision about opening of position at the currency market.

The similar structure of decision-making can (and it is even needed) be used for a decision-making about a rate. We will not conduct fully analogies between an exchange and rates in a book-maker office, we will be stopped only for the analysis of this chart.
So, the Fundamental analysis is implied under itself by the analysis of possibilities of commands (players), their relative force and decision-making about possible preponderance of one command above other.
A technical analysis is an analysis of statistics of performances of commands (players) : the last playing championship (tournament), series, games of commands (players) inter se, game of rivals of house and on departure, basic tendencies of game of command (player). An analysis is conducted in foreshortening exactly of game of these rivals.
Estimation of intentions and actions of basic operators of market. Clear that in our case the basic operators of market are book-maker offices and, actually, players. The estimation of actions of operators of our market can be conducted analysing the line of book-maker offices. Analysing a line, we know position of office straight, and  (through changes in a line) we can draw conclusion about position of players. Will honour forums, web-sites of players, to know position of players in relation to an event.
Estimation of news – we analyse news in relation to our event: compositions, traumas, absence of important players, events influencing on motivation of players (commands) etc.
Calculation and analysis of risks – analized line for the search of the best coefficient on an event. We make decision whether there is a odds value (value) in given, id est whether we hold cards above a book-maker (by our estimation), if we will put on this coefficient. In addition, we make decision about the sum of rate to our financial management and playing strategy.
Decision-making – actually, if after the analysis of points 1-4, we during a point 5 preponderance is visible above the line of book-maker, we do a rate.
I want to warn that an author is acquainted with an exchange very superficially, and this article is only one of variants of decision-making chart about a rate, and an exchange chart is taken only for basis.