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Rates on football: why is the Asian handicap the safest type of rates?

For the players of book-maker offices that do rates on football, the great number of types of rates is accessible: basic end, Asian handicap, exact account, period/match, goals etc. Every type of rates on football in its own way is specific, but the Asian handicap is the the least risky type of rates, and in this article we will try to prove it.
In most cases rates on the Asian handicap are a less. In fact usually it is far easy спрогнозировать a difference in an account, than amount of heads, as in the case of тоталом. Quite often even the matches of driving commands close not effectively. In fact, the amount of heads in a match depends on the scenario of match. So, when one of commands hammers, then a game opens up and after it it is needed to expect the great number of heads. And if will both commands play from defence and the first goal it will be in the middle of the second period?
Id est it is difficult to guess, what aims will be put by a trainer on a match, what tactics and strategies will be used. Therefore to put on тотал – it always risky.
Otherwise there is a situation with the Asian handicap, as a difference in an account, as a rule, it is far easy to guess. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate the form of commands, look statistics of matches and previous personal meeting. If, for example, one of commands for a season never lost a more than 1 ball with a difference, then it is possible to put bravely фору 1 on this command, as is approximate 95веренности in that they this time will not lose a more than 1 ball with a difference.
Id est in the process of analysis you understand that an account 1-0 can be or 4-3, but this command will not lose in 2 and more than balls. Although the in rates on the Asian handicap, certainly, I am too.
Like and in comparing of the Asian handicap to other types of rates : period/match, goals, exact account et cetera. Certainly, all depends on a concrete situation, but in most cases is a more confidence is in that a command will win/will not lose with a difference in the determined amount of balls, than in that a concrete command will hammer in, will win the first period or will win with an account 3-0. In principle, following this logic, rates of type a “basic end” and “double chance” also can be named less risky.
But the Asian handicap, unlike these types of rates, gives more possibilities for the choice of suitable rate. And in case with plus players have the opportunity to be reinsured, for example, to put f2 ( 1), but not X2.
In the end it is needed to mark that in a great deal the choice of correct rate on football depends on before match analytic geometry. Exactly before match analytic geometry allows to place all points above “i”. Coming from the obtained data, it is possible to do certain conclusions to know, what rate will be safer – total, basic end, fora or some other. In spite of the fact that in most cases the Asian handicap is the safest type of rates on football, the oriented is necessary, foremost, on an analysis.

Analysis of sporting events

Rates on sporting events and these statisticians are indissolubly constrained inter se. Not dependency upon the experience, many players use statistics often, and those, who rates on sport engages in professionally, and even more does not do without her. In a great deal professionalism of player is determined by ability qualitatively to use data of sporting statistics for the receipt of income.
Players that only begin the steps in prognostication understand importance of statistics already after a few first rates and begin to turn to the account her for adjustment of prognoses. Quite often by him is an enough study of tournament table of certain championship and viewing of victory cerouss of each of commands. However separate people are ready to call much farther, and exactly they, later, by tests and errors necessarily will obtain the best results in sporting prognostication.
Nevertheless, it is needed to mark, about what before already mentioned in other articles, that even the most professional operating statistical data does not guarantee 100ыигрыш, that is why as, for the receipt of stable income of one of it not sufficiently and it is necessary to apply at prognostication of end of forthcoming sporting events and other information generators that on a row with statistics play not unimportant, but sometimes and more important role what the use of one only statistics.
As it was already noticed, many players use for playing book-maker offices only rapid, superficial analysis. Although outside can appear that it is very much information, in fact she joins in itself is an analysis of tournament position of command, results of domestic and guest games, and also study of results of the previous meeting.
But one of it, for successful earnings, too small. Below we will talk about it.
Now we will take apart that is included in a superficial, shallow analysis. So, the analysis of tournament position gives to us information about the form of each of commands. Separate attention needs to be turned on a domestic game commands and departure games, as this factor has a large enough value, and underestimating him is not needed.
Further, the study of results of previous oppositions of commands also can help to do a correct rate. From the analysis of a few last games it is possible to obtain information about the competitive spirit of collective and his physical form. At the same time it is necessary to study the features of game of every separate command : some of them are always adjusted on victory, and some sufficiently and draw game. To do support in a rate on victory of command, that plays a defensive mostly, in most cases not expedient.
Now let us consider that is used for an analysis and already behaves to the additional funds.
There can very useful be sporting forums to collection of information, which now great great number. Among the heap of not necessary information it is possible to find really useful information, for example future compositions of commands, possible traumas of players or even contractual matches. It is similarly needed on such forums to look information about arbiters. To know judging of one or another arbiter about styles. To know whether judges have conflicts with commands et cetera.
Not to depend exceptionally upon rumors, it is necessary to use information from a few forums, that it was possible to compare or in what to complement that information that we have already.
We will bring a result, undoubtedly statistics plays an important role sporting prognostication. At the same time for the achievement of positive results and withholding of these indexes up-to-the-mark, one only statistics appears obviously not enough. Therefore statistics needs to be examined, as one of the sources used for drafting of quality prognoses on sport.

Maybe it to beat a book-maker?

If rates are for you – not simply one of forms of leisure, and by a source additional, and maybe and constantly earnings, then your task consists of that, to aim constantly to beat a book-maker. Although not quite right so to put a question. Beating a book-maker not maybe in principle, because you do not play with him. you win or it is done by other, in any case a book-maker will get 8-10разу, as you will do the rate.
Therefore to beat to you coming not book-maker, and other players, but for this purpose be more clever, rapid and informed.
Certainly, internal voice and some sporting presentiment are good business, but if you did not yet accumulate enough experience, depending upon them is not needed. Begin to study thematic literature, interesting you statistics, news and materials. In course of time, when will develop own intuition, will know that it is necessary, and that is not necessary to be done. Whether to choose on small coefficients, that more chances were on winning, or a less credible result, to try to blow off.
Other no less important question that stands before novices, it whether needs to be put only in one office or better at once to lead accounts in a few book-maker offices. Well leading accounts is possible in all at once offices, it quite not means that is needed at once in all to put on a the same event. It is first needed to find one office in that will feel comfortably enough to you.
And already then, depending on that, to the rates what type of sport you give preference on, to pick up for itself offices with the best under these sporting prognoses coefficients.
If after all read you understand that on the study of all of it for you spare time simply will not be enough, then you always can be laid on our experience and buy for us the qualitatively analysed prognosis on football, basket-ball or hockey.

Total anymore or total less than?

Sometimes it is very unsimple to do a correct rate on the common amount of heads that will be driven in a match. We will tell to you then what we know about strategy of rates on total and as possible to do requiring payment sporting prognoses on total, offering, as us it seems to from one side of simple, on the other hand faithful enough method of drafting of prognoses on total.
Strategy of rates on total what does drafting of sporting prognosis begin? Usually we find the nearest, interesting in our view, game, using statistics of previous matches of commands. We do the selection of matches for the pleasing to us pair of commands.
For the successful use of strategy of rates it is important to understand on тотал, whether there is a fundamental difference for both the commands whether play they at home or in guests. Often privateers, making requiring payment sporting prognoses, by mistake consider that the domestic meeting strengthen the game of command necessarily, and guest as though a bit weaken a battle mood. It not quite correctly and individually enough for all. Necessarily study statistics separately on the guest meeting, separately on domestic for both commands, to draw conclusion.
A period, for that you take statistics, can define at discretion, we recommend to take last 10 games, with reservation, that in an offseason radical changes (the best forward will go away for example) can happen in commands, therefore this factor too will be to take into account, otherwise a result of requiring payment sporting prognosis will be incorrect.
For ocular demonstration of the use to strategy of rates on тотал, making prognoses on sport, using the simplified chart of drafting of prognoses on тотал, we will take apart statistics of the 2th thought of commands and their scores for 4 last matches (we take small matches, that it was simpler and clearer to conduct a calculation). We recommend to take for the real calculation no less than 10 last games for each of commands :
Command “А” plays with a command “B” (“А” are owners)
Scores of owners for last game:
1: 0
2: 4
0: 3
2: 2
We expect the lump sum of balls for every game (skipped hammered) – 14 balls turn out. 14/4=3,5 ball for a game. (in general, making a selection out of greater number of matches, we urgently we recommend to abort you from a calculation a low effective and highly effective duel).
Games of house :
1: 0
0: 3
Evidently, that middle result 2,0 ball for a game.
We will look the scores of guests :
1: 1
0: 2
2: 2
0: 0
Lump sum of balls : 8, accordingly a mean value is 2 balls for a game.
There is playing guests:
0: 2
0: 0
We get a middle result a 1 ball for a game, in guests effectiveness obviously below what at home (for our short evident example of strategy of rates on total)
That we get, if to lay down at first general total and to get a result, then result Owners of:
(3,5 2,0)/2=2,25 – middle тотал general for all supposed meeting of these commands
(2,0 1,0)/2=1,5 – supposed тотал for the concrete meeting.
Middle тотал we will get, laying down the first and second scores and dividing them in half: 1,875
To make the quality serious requiring payment sporting prognosis of these data it will be not enough, necessary to take into account the supposed compositions of commands on a match, interruptions between previous games, importance of meeting and great number of the additional factors not reflected straight in statistics, that difficult enough unexperienced forecast.
Memorize, in strategy of rates on тотал do a selection at least 10 last games, calculation driven to the set pattern simplified and shown out simply for evidentness of process, so that making requiring payment sporting prognoses or free prognoses on sport for itself try to collect as can to greater additional information on the state both commands to date.
You will be helped by the article: How to make requiring payment prognoses on sport
Rates on тотал by nothing worse than rates on victory of one of commands, taking into account that in this case, at multiple rates possibility of the drawn result is absent. If you gather to do rates on тотал, we recommend to choose you as base tactics of rates – to the tactician of rates Флэт, combining her with Value betting

Investments in rates

Without doubts, the best variant for investing in the internet.

Possesses the row of advantages :

– there Is not a necessity to inlay a large sum withoutpossibility of her return to the certain period

To get wretched percents in a bank, desire on the protractedterm to inlay all your money. In хайпах and pyramids – toosame, with a that only difference, that rather all, you them willnever see anymore. Playing the Форекс or in a poker, youwill have to have enormous банкролл, thus holding him willbe needed in a poker руме, but not for itself at home. Doingrates, you are only enough to keep a reserve in a few rateson the account of book maker office, thus, it is not necessaryto worry for the blooded, if something will happen to thisoffice.

it is Complete transparency and easily counted result

Buying prognoses on sport, you always can exactly enoughestimate both the expected income and temporal intervalduring that her will get.

Any respecting itself professional conducts on aweb-site statistics of the played prognoses on sport.Therefore you, coming from a middle result, will be ableobjectively to estimate the expectation.

are the Minimum temporal expenses

As we already found out at the beginning, time and earningsfor time unit play a decision value presently. And hereinvestments in rates – on your right. In fact to put on a matchin an office will not occupy more than a few seconds!

are Practically unlimited possibilities for the height of yourcapital

You can begin to put from small amounts. In this case,simply “reinvest” the first time all income for forming ofgreater bank and, thus, in course of time doing rates allgreater and more sum and each time increasing an income

it is the Interesting pastime

For us drafting of prognoses is on sport – not simplyinvestments, and business, engaging in that, we getveritable pleasure. And simply doing rates on playing anoffice, especially if a favourite command participates, but itbrings an excellent profit yet and, that it can be better! Nowwill compare it to standing in a line in a bank andregistration of scraps of paper.

But costs a justice for the sake of to mark, what here did notdo without the couple of unpleasant moments :

1) Some people naming itself do not even findtime to lay out statistics of the prognoses on sport in generalor lay out winnings matches only. Other do yet worse – drawto itself “super statistics” with, or afterexpiration of some time of ” govern” existent real.Therefore, before to take up investing in rates, necessarilycheck the presence of statistics and look closely to herduring 5-10 days.

2) Book-maker offices necessarily will insert to you sticks inwheels. They do not very love such “investors”. Do you wantto avoid this problem? – read the article: Fight againstreducing of limits of rates in book-maker offices

Investing in rates in concrete numbers

We consider that a man necessarily must feel comfortablyand confidently, investing money. Therefore, before himthere must be clear transparent information that he must inexactness do, and what result needs to be expected.

Therefore, we give to your attention the next formula ofsuccess, that will show, what size of rate you must put, to geta necessary to you income on the concrete interval of time,doing investments in rates on sport.

efficiency of investments in rates on sport

X= (b pd) /d (ku – 1), where

X is the sought after size of rate

b is the necessary to you winning in money

p is a cost of prognosis

d is an amount of rates

u is passableness of prognoses in percents

k is a mid-coefficient for the amount of rates of d

Or, you can change this formula for b, thus, knowing the sizeof rate, to know the expected winning.

But we will go back to the promised numbers!

On the example of our own scores, we will show that youcan attain, doing rates on sport and investing in themtogether with us.

Middle passableness of prognoses 2.25. If you will put every day for a year, 100$ is possible,then you will get 20000$ arrived almost! But, with the heightof bank you, certainly, will increase the size of rate, aneventual sum will be in several times anymore therefore!

We hope that this article helped to estimate all advantagesof investing you in rates, and you will engage before long, ifdoes not occupy already, by this profitable business. Orderprognoses for us, other deserving капперов or make, in anycase, at the serious going near business, positive emotionsand excellent profit you are avouched for. Successes!

Requiring payment tips on sport

Initially getting up before a choice, what type of prognoses totake advantage of : by requiring payment or free of charge,especially novices often prefer to begin with free tips sport. Herein there is a certain stake of logic. Due to it anovice meets with the surprizing world of rates on sport,studies terminology and process of work of book-makeroffices, if will drive, even can get and show out the firstmoney.

But in most cases, unfortunately, man, doing a few rates,using free tips, concedes money, and some peopleand large enough sums. Thus, man usually simply onsimply disappointed and begins to consider that here tobegin to work money, and, thinking not to turn out so, neveragain goes back to rates on sport.

To obtain successes, it is needed to be ready to take upinvestments in rates on sport. Playing the stock market, ifyou do not feel experience enough, simply hire a broker thatwill do work for you, and you give the share of the profits tohim. Think, you would become to use services of unknownbroker offering to you to manage your investments, requiringnothing in exchange?

Who does make free prognoses on sport and proposesthem on an universal review? It can be anyone. In mostcases, it is a man that either only began to engage indrafting of tips on sport or engages in already thisbusiness long time and can not succeed. And if you willbegin to use services of such, then it will remindclassic recital of that, how conducts a blind blind.

But we will pass to more concrete proofs of advantage ofrequiring payment tips on sport:

1. Requiring payment tips on sport are tips on sport from professionals. A professional is a man theprofession of that brings income to him and is his basicemployment. People giving free prognoses can be anyone.These can be the beginners of tipsters, those, for whomthis only hobby, and in general people that simply like towrite any texts in the internet, and this time they decided towrite a sporting tips.

Professional tipster is straight interested as theprognoses, in fact than more quality tips, the morepermanent clients that get a profit he has, using them, and,consequently, a large income will be got by forecast.

2. Requiring payment prognoses on sport imply stability and guarantees. Professional forecast conduct statistics on aweb-site, they have obligations not only before itself but alsobefore the clients. At the same, who gives free prognoses,no obligations before anybody are not present, as well assome guarantees. They do not care of quality of the prognoses on sport and volume, whether people thatlistened their advice will lose money, however them.

And there “are” such privateers not long, giving a fewsuccessful or not very prognoses, they usually find to itself anew hobby and give up the business, abandoning you inprivate with your problems.

3. If you understand how the mechanism of coefficients isarranged in book-maker offices, then for you will not evenarise up and ideas about the use by free prognoses. Whatmore people put on the the same end of event, the acoefficient becomes below, and, consequently, yourexpected income. Now present a situation, that a man laidout in open access the prognosis with a coefficient 3. Do youknow that will happen, if even 100 persons (and usuallythem much more) will put on this event?

After the rate of next everybody a coefficient will fall. And iflucky not enough you to appear in the first rows (that notsimply, when a prognosis is seen by hundreds of persons),a coefficient can fall down how hardly not to unit, and thensense of rate on sport on such prognosis is simply lost. Well and man, that laid out a prognosis, certainly, will write,that a coefficient was equal to 3, although in fact for majorityhe will be far fewer.

Requiring payment prognoses are the closed information,therefore you will get possibility to put exactly on thecoefficient declared forecast, but not on understated inseveral times.

We want, that you obtained successes. Do rates on sport bythe earnings, but not hobby on that you spend all money, orworse than that, лудоманией. Try qualitatively to estimate asituation, look farther, think deeper, think of long-termprospects.

Without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport

As this phrase sounds beautifully! What possibilities are opened before a man possessing such knowledge. Is there without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport? An answer depends for a question, first of all, from that, both you for itself understand a word without the risk of loss and from the row of other factors. It be possible to say, that without the risk of loss strategy exists not only, moreover, she even not alone.
What, let us name them:
1) Tactics of rates a fork most will suit under a typical idea about without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. If you in time found this fork in a book-maker office and put the correct size of rate, then to you, in fact, an increase is assured to balance without some possibility to lose the put money. But in practice, even following all points of strategy, you constantly will run into different problems.
Unfortunately, in opinion of all the same book-maker offices, a fork similarly is without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. And book-makers love only those who gives money (id est conceding players) to them. Spiteful bet interactive offices watch zealously, whether next best bet auto sales did not appear on their territory. And if they you will find – to you not: at the best the limits of rates will be reduced you on sport to the improper sizes like a few roubles, and in worst – for the term of life bet top 40 with confiscation of all monetary resources on your account.
Doing rates in the largest known book-maker offices presented on our web-site, you will be able to postpone or even fully avoid such persecutions from the side of administration. In the arsenal of offices in a presence similarly there is such reception, as abolition of match on that you already did a rate on a necessity to you to the coefficient for the receipt of the assured plus.
2) Some tacticians of rates like D’Alembert, free bet racing horse betting offer, Danish system and other going after. If without the risk of loss for you assumes some losses on a way to the assured winning with their complete indemnification, then this variant for you. In spite of considerable amount of distinctions, for them general essence – on completion of cycle you in any case appear in winning. And one time you, following rules these the tactician, win assuredly, it means that they – without the risk of loss.
Generally, at the observance of one condition they will really bring you over to the inevitable winning. Condition – just presence of endless supply of monetary resources. But as though it did not sound funnily, even at the observance of this condition, book-makers and here will find a justice on you. All above-stated tacticians imply the permanent increase of rates, therefore in any case you sooner or later will abut against the maximally possible amount of bet, artificially set by an office, and not able to continue to follow the rules of strategy.
3) Contractual matches. If you on the bet jamaica sport book end of match, and similarly, maybe, and more thin indexes like the number of heads, amounts of cards et cetera, then why not to allow this information you to bring in to you a small (or nevertheless large?) return. What without the not risk of loss strategy of rates? Only and have time to guide money out of accounts of offices. Generally, strategy without the risk of loss really in all senses and aspects of this word. And an only problem is in that such information you hardly will succeed to get hold.
Although, if to enter in a search engine “contractual match, you, no doubt, will find more than million pages on this query. Do you think really, that in the world millions of persons own and gladly distribute such information to other 6 milliards of persons? If it was so, then not a single book-maker office already would not exist, because of from permanent losses to the people, owning such sports bet forum information. Therefore at once we want to caution you. 99.9 web-sites – scamers.
Think, you would become, owning such information to sell her for copecks (in relation to the sums of winning). Certainly, it is not. Only, who will get an income from such “contractual matches” – it admin web-site that sells them to the naive customers.
4) Machine of time. Principle of action is similar with a number 3, but here that you already nobody will deceive exactly, and all will be truly. Essence is maximum simple – write down a few pleasing to you scores of matches and set forth back for time, when they did not yet happen, and do rates on sport with the quiet soul. Ah yes, if you do not have the machine of time until now, will buy her. If there is not money, it is possible bravely to take a credit in a bank – after the done rates of problem with a return will arise up hardly.
5) to Use the quality prognoses on sport, made experience. Regularly doing rates on such sporting prognoses, you will increase the playing bank certainly, the middle size of your rate will increase together with him, that will bring in to you an all greater and large return.
What did we get in the total?
From a fork, rather all, there will be more problems, than benefit, and will be to operate sums considerable for a receipt though of some income. If you suddenly are a man with unlimited financial possibilities, we doubt that for you will be actual all these D’Alemberts and Danish system. Contractual matches – continuous 106 bet com park . With the machine of time all is clear too.
Thus, only the use of the requiring payment prognoses on sport, laboriously made the business professionals, it is possible to name without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport.