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Decision-making chart about a rate

If to accept a game with book-makers in earnest, id est, as not entertainment and ardour, but as type of investments, then the market of sporting rates is often compared to the exchange, and such comparison fully appropriately.

On the basis of it we will conduct an interesting analogy – we will consider a decision-making chart about opening of currency position (to the purchase of currency) at the currency (forex) market and will compare to the chart of decision-making about a rate.

So, Chart of analysis of factors influencing on making decision about opening of position at the currency market.

The similar structure of decision-making can (and it is even needed) be used for a decision-making about a rate. We will not conduct fully analogies between an exchange and rates in a book-maker office, we will be stopped only for the analysis of this chart.
So, the Fundamental analysis is implied under itself by the analysis of possibilities of commands (players), their relative force and decision-making about possible preponderance of one command above other.
A technical analysis is an analysis of statistics of performances of commands (players) : the last playing championship (tournament), series, games of commands (players) inter se, game of rivals of house and on departure, basic tendencies of game of command (player). An analysis is conducted in foreshortening exactly of game of these rivals.
Estimation of intentions and actions of basic operators of market. Clear that in our case the basic operators of market are book-maker offices and, actually, players. The estimation of actions of operators of our market can be conducted analysing the line of book-maker offices. Analysing a line, we know position of office straight, and  (through changes in a line) we can draw conclusion about position of players. Will honour forums, web-sites of players, to know position of players in relation to an event.
Estimation of news – we analyse news in relation to our event: compositions, traumas, absence of important players, events influencing on motivation of players (commands) etc.
Calculation and analysis of risks – analized line for the search of the best coefficient on an event. We make decision whether there is a odds value (value) in given, id est whether we hold cards above a book-maker (by our estimation), if we will put on this coefficient. In addition, we make decision about the sum of rate to our financial management and playing strategy.
Decision-making – actually, if after the analysis of points 1-4, we during a point 5 preponderance is visible above the line of book-maker, we do a rate.
I want to warn that an author is acquainted with an exchange very superficially, and this article is only one of variants of decision-making chart about a rate, and an exchange chart is taken only for basis.

Rates on tennis: details

In this material I suggest to talk about rates on tennis. A line on tennis is offered by all book-maker offices, tennis is loved by many players, and, probably, after football is the most popular type of rates. Opinion exists among novices, that it is the best type of rates, in a network there is mass of materials that confirm this idea. 
So, we will begin, probably, from main trends about advantage in tennis, that meet especially often.
1. Matches are played every day. Every week passes no less 3th tournaments. The volume of rates anymore, accordingly and an income increases.
2. The end of match depends on two players, but not from twenty two, as, for example, in football.
3. Influence of judge errors on the end of matches taken to the minimum, unlike other types of sport.
4. Tennis buns only two ends, it is not draw game, that gives advantage with the same football.
5. В tennis comfortably and it is advantageous to put live.
Let us take apart now every statement, and I will try, if not to refute, then, at least, to condense clouds and add to reality in these trends.
1. Matches are played every day. Every week passes no less 3th tournaments. The volume of rates anymore, accordingly and an income increases.
Yes, really tennis can be played practically throughout the year. But, a tennis season lasts from January for November. Other time is occupied really, that exhibition matches and not large challengers for the players of third-fourth echelon. Such tournaments grant far not all offices, on them often limit maximums, because there is high probability of инсайдерского interference. Exactly at such level quiet and recoils usta tennis league often.
If, to possess such information, then actual is sense to occupy, if, it is not, id est danger of loss of time at the best, and losses in worst. It we talked about challengers in an offseason, now we go back to a season. A season starts from the first ten-day period of January, and actually with Australian Оpen. Specific of it, darling by many tennis players, tournament in that a season clearly did not begin and the form of participants remains a puzzle, thus, including for tennis players.
It is needed to take into account an incredible heat, so АО- 09 went down in memory plenty of refuses at play from heat-prostration. After propulsion MODULE tennis players are rolled into already in a normal season. Insidious time begins in autumn, in fact actually, after the last tournament of the Large helmet of US – OPEN, many tennis players decide the local tasks. There are small obligatory tournaments, in final eight of season practically taken seat, and about motivation of many sportsmen remains to guess.
So, that in business we have far not the whole year round normal possibilities of rates on tennis.
2. The end of match depends on two players, but not from twenty two, as, for example, in football.
From one side there is this obvious advantage. For this reason mens tennis forums many and attractive. It is enough to take apart a pair and choose one sportsman, taking into account features only them two. It comfortably, but not all so simply, there are submarine stones. First, that occurs is lightness of contractual game. One time of participants only two, a “correct result” it is easy to do. How many already scandals it was about similar, free online table tennis games are basic classic personages, but I am yet, at least, with pair of ten of “grey” sportsmen. Thus, that interestingly, meet not, only on commercial tournaments. So, fresh scandal was on Wimbledon in the pair of last accused of plum of game. Question, while did not close. Recently accused of handing over of game of Истомина, thus in succession on two tournaments during two calendar weeks, that especially revolted book-makers – a list can be continued.
Here, indeed, it is needed to mark that probability of handing over of game for men is considerably higher, and WTA – tour from this point of view cleanly. Opinion exists, that weathering and calculation in a game can come from sportswomen, where a trainer is a father, and he already can realize the masculine games through obedient daughter, but what or facts similar in mass-media noticed it was not. Although obviously, that backstage tennis is enough, and accessible to public of grain.
Book-makers every week mark suspicious matches, strange motion of lines or large stream of rates on some littlenotable match.
If, to come from that you indispose similar wta tennis forum information, then it is possible materially to suffer, getting under distribution or under разводку of syndicate, and sometimes and book-maker. If, the channel of information for you is accessible, then quite another business, it is and farther possible not to read this material.
Another feature, traumas of players at play. Behavior of different book-makers was divided here, one gave an expense, other technical defeat, but it, in any case, important nuance that simply must be taken into account, before to do a rate.
3. Influence of judge errors on the end of matches taken to the minimum, unlike other types of sport.
Yes, in the same football and hockey the cost of error of judge is more ponderable. A judge in tennis nobody will suborn, herein there simply is no necessity. The too much drawing is for final victorbet. But, it is sport, all wrong, including judges. Speed of flight of ball arrives at 200 kilometres, it is difficult to watch after such dynamics. But there are persistent matches, where every drawing by weight of gold, and costs a judge to see, or not see out, as it can influence on a result not in our benefit. It is not so often, as in other types of sport, and however is.
4.Есть only two ends, it is not draw game, that gives advantage, for example, with the same football.
On the face of it, all really so. Draw game is not present, but very much events uneven are on a line. Not so much people play sports heads tennis unblocked game after 1.1. They force to risk to play the games. For example, (- 6.5) on. It is a greater coefficient, but also additional already. Sharapova calmly won over there is 6-3 6-3 to itself, and you lost on. Roughly speaking, фора it is the same barrier, what in football draw game. It your at playing the favourite for a greater coefficient or insurance, when play fitness health clubs and tennis courts with some plus.
Other business, if to play without, then you have, then advantage above football, but the amount of events will diminish for a game, probably, in times.
5.В tennis comfortably and it is advantageous to put live.
All, as correctly, arguing is difficult, but I will try. A tennis duel has sinewave character mostly. Rarely, when one player conducts a duel at one level, without slumps. Therefore, playing of live tennis is very similar with famous female tennis players on an exchange, when it is important not to sleep through a moment for a rate. For this strategy it is important to look a duel alive, and able to guess character of match. On my supervisions, qualitatively on a long game it is in strength to units. Badly and it is dangerous to play

Rates on football: why is the Asian handicap the safest type of rates?

For the players of book-maker offices that do rates on football, the great number of types of rates is accessible: basic end, Asian handicap, exact account, period/match, goals etc. Every type of rates on football in its own way is specific, but the Asian handicap is the the least risky type of rates, and in this article we will try to prove it.
In most cases rates on the Asian handicap are a less. In fact usually it is far easy спрогнозировать a difference in an account, than amount of heads, as in the case of тоталом. Quite often even the matches of driving commands close not effectively. In fact, the amount of heads in a match depends on the scenario of match. So, when one of commands hammers, then a game opens up and after it it is needed to expect the great number of heads. And if will both commands play from defence and the first goal it will be in the middle of the second period?
Id est it is difficult to guess, what aims will be put by a trainer on a match, what tactics and strategies will be used. Therefore to put on тотал – it always risky.
Otherwise there is a situation with the Asian handicap, as a difference in an account, as a rule, it is far easy to guess. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate the form of commands, look statistics of matches and previous personal meeting. If, for example, one of commands for a season never lost a more than 1 ball with a difference, then it is possible to put bravely фору 1 on this command, as is approximate 95веренности in that they this time will not lose a more than 1 ball with a difference.
Id est in the process of analysis you understand that an account 1-0 can be or 4-3, but this command will not lose in 2 and more than balls. Although the in rates on the Asian handicap, certainly, I am too.
Like and in comparing of the Asian handicap to other types of rates : period/match, goals, exact account et cetera. Certainly, all depends on a concrete situation, but in most cases is a more confidence is in that a command will win/will not lose with a difference in the determined amount of balls, than in that a concrete command will hammer in, will win the first period or will win with an account 3-0. In principle, following this logic, rates of type a “basic end” and “double chance” also can be named less risky.
But the Asian handicap, unlike these types of rates, gives more possibilities for the choice of suitable rate. And in case with plus players have the opportunity to be reinsured, for example, to put f2 ( 1), but not X2.
In the end it is needed to mark that in a great deal the choice of correct rate on football depends on before match analytic geometry. Exactly before match analytic geometry allows to place all points above “i”. Coming from the obtained data, it is possible to do certain conclusions to know, what rate will be safer – total, basic end, fora or some other. In spite of the fact that in most cases the Asian handicap is the safest type of rates on football, the oriented is necessary, foremost, on an analysis.

Maybe it to beat a book-maker?

If rates are for you – not simply one of forms of leisure, and by a source additional, and maybe and constantly earnings, then your task consists of that, to aim constantly to beat a book-maker. Although not quite right so to put a question. Beating a book-maker not maybe in principle, because you do not play with him. you win or it is done by other, in any case a book-maker will get 8-10разу, as you will do the rate.
Therefore to beat to you coming not book-maker, and other players, but for this purpose be more clever, rapid and informed.
Certainly, internal voice and some sporting presentiment are good business, but if you did not yet accumulate enough experience, depending upon them is not needed. Begin to study thematic literature, interesting you statistics, news and materials. In course of time, when will develop own intuition, will know that it is necessary, and that is not necessary to be done. Whether to choose on small coefficients, that more chances were on winning, or a less credible result, to try to blow off.
Other no less important question that stands before novices, it whether needs to be put only in one office or better at once to lead accounts in a few book-maker offices. Well leading accounts is possible in all at once offices, it quite not means that is needed at once in all to put on a the same event. It is first needed to find one office in that will feel comfortably enough to you.
And already then, depending on that, to the rates what type of sport you give preference on, to pick up for itself offices with the best under these sporting prognoses coefficients.
If after all read you understand that on the study of all of it for you spare time simply will not be enough, then you always can be laid on our experience and buy for us the qualitatively analysed prognosis on football, basket-ball or hockey.

Without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport

As this phrase sounds beautifully! What possibilities are opened before a man possessing such knowledge. Is there without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport? An answer depends for a question, first of all, from that, both you for itself understand a word without the risk of loss and from the row of other factors. It be possible to say, that without the risk of loss strategy exists not only, moreover, she even not alone.
What, let us name them:
1) Tactics of rates a fork most will suit under a typical idea about without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. If you in time found this fork in a book-maker office and put the correct size of rate, then to you, in fact, an increase is assured to balance without some possibility to lose the put money. But in practice, even following all points of strategy, you constantly will run into different problems.
Unfortunately, in opinion of all the same book-maker offices, a fork similarly is without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. And book-makers love only those who gives money (id est conceding players) to them. Spiteful bet interactive offices watch zealously, whether next best bet auto sales did not appear on their territory. And if they you will find – to you not: at the best the limits of rates will be reduced you on sport to the improper sizes like a few roubles, and in worst – for the term of life bet top 40 with confiscation of all monetary resources on your account.
Doing rates in the largest known book-maker offices presented on our web-site, you will be able to postpone or even fully avoid such persecutions from the side of administration. In the arsenal of offices in a presence similarly there is such reception, as abolition of match on that you already did a rate on a necessity to you to the coefficient for the receipt of the assured plus.
2) Some tacticians of rates like D’Alembert, free bet racing horse betting offer, Danish system and other going after. If without the risk of loss for you assumes some losses on a way to the assured winning with their complete indemnification, then this variant for you. In spite of considerable amount of distinctions, for them general essence – on completion of cycle you in any case appear in winning. And one time you, following rules these the tactician, win assuredly, it means that they – without the risk of loss.
Generally, at the observance of one condition they will really bring you over to the inevitable winning. Condition – just presence of endless supply of monetary resources. But as though it did not sound funnily, even at the observance of this condition, book-makers and here will find a justice on you. All above-stated tacticians imply the permanent increase of rates, therefore in any case you sooner or later will abut against the maximally possible amount of bet, artificially set by an office, and not able to continue to follow the rules of strategy.
3) Contractual matches. If you on the bet jamaica sport book end of match, and similarly, maybe, and more thin indexes like the number of heads, amounts of cards et cetera, then why not to allow this information you to bring in to you a small (or nevertheless large?) return. What without the not risk of loss strategy of rates? Only and have time to guide money out of accounts of offices. Generally, strategy without the risk of loss really in all senses and aspects of this word. And an only problem is in that such information you hardly will succeed to get hold.
Although, if to enter in a search engine “contractual match, you, no doubt, will find more than million pages on this query. Do you think really, that in the world millions of persons own and gladly distribute such information to other 6 milliards of persons? If it was so, then not a single book-maker office already would not exist, because of from permanent losses to the people, owning such sports bet forum information. Therefore at once we want to caution you. 99.9 web-sites – scamers.
Think, you would become, owning such information to sell her for copecks (in relation to the sums of winning). Certainly, it is not. Only, who will get an income from such “contractual matches” – it admin web-site that sells them to the naive customers.
4) Machine of time. Principle of action is similar with a number 3, but here that you already nobody will deceive exactly, and all will be truly. Essence is maximum simple – write down a few pleasing to you scores of matches and set forth back for time, when they did not yet happen, and do rates on sport with the quiet soul. Ah yes, if you do not have the machine of time until now, will buy her. If there is not money, it is possible bravely to take a credit in a bank – after the done rates of problem with a return will arise up hardly.
5) to Use the quality prognoses on sport, made experience. Regularly doing rates on such sporting prognoses, you will increase the playing bank certainly, the middle size of your rate will increase together with him, that will bring in to you an all greater and large return.
What did we get in the total?
From a fork, rather all, there will be more problems, than benefit, and will be to operate sums considerable for a receipt though of some income. If you suddenly are a man with unlimited financial possibilities, we doubt that for you will be actual all these D’Alemberts and Danish system. Contractual matches – continuous 106 bet com park . With the machine of time all is clear too.
Thus, only the use of the requiring payment prognoses on sport, laboriously made the business professionals, it is possible to name without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport.

On what sport to do rates?

Question: On what sport nevertheless to do rates?, often beginning players set to itself. Really, book-maker offices offer to us the enormous choice of various sporting events, for a man that decided to earn rates, the decision of question with the choice of suitable type of sport for rates becomes a primary concern.
If you love football, then by an answer for a question on what sport to do rates, for you, as well as football will become for us. We will try to explain why in this case it is not needed long to meditate:
1. In football play all over the world, every day, regardless of hurricane in the USA, earthquake in Japan and elections of president of Russia.
2. Book-makers offer the great number of variants of rates on football, beginning from rates on the end of event, ending the amount of yellow cards angular, summary account. In general it is possible to continue long enough.
3. Do you look football, are ill for certain commands, know the rules of game, watch after tournament tables? Now does set to itself a question on what sport to do rates? So you already and so, probably, can give the prognosis on certain soccer sporting events, why not to begin at last to do it professional?
4. A man must enjoy what he engages in. Why to put on tennis, if not interesting he you? Remember that for you the best of all turned out at school? Indeed, – that it was to you interesting.
Given above four points – answer for a question: On what sport to do rates?, not only, you can find two ten of reasons to choose football for the professional carrying on business of rate. Almost all above-stated similarly topically and for hockey and for tennis, for basket-ball, but with a that only difference, that football on a planet is stopped never.
Our command does not advise to engage in you prognoses on the different types of sport, because you simply will not have time to watch after the necessary amount of events. Question on what sport to do rates – very correct, professionals put on one type of sport, at most on two, but prognoses on “second-rate” sport will be always less high quality.
If you will decide to acquire sporting prognoses at professional privateers, pay attention what amount of prognoses one man will be ready to give you during twenty-four hours and how many types of sport prognoses will be given on. Hurry from people that alone try to give out a maximum of prognoses in a day are either swindlers or simply amateurs deciding to earn.
Do I hope, our little to happen gave to you a final answer for a question, on what sport to do rates me? Correctly – on football!

Rates on football

Football is religion of millions of people, most popular andmass type of sport in the world. As good as possible aboutthis game the known English soccer trainer Bill Shenkly was expressed: “Some think that football this matter of lifeand death; I am quite disappointed by their position. Ready to assure you in that football far, far more important”.

The founders of cheap college football tickets englishmen are legally considered,in fact the first professional soccer tournament – Cup of England of 1871 was here conducted exactly. From thatmoment this game got wide development and scaledistribution all over the world and now it is very difficult to finda man that would be indifferent to this staggering game.

Undoubtedly, football is a type of sport №1 in the world. Thusboth on the amount of playing him people and on thequantity of his admirers. The at times decision matches ofWorld Cup on football collect the milliards of fans at thescreens of televisions. Naturally, among them there is aconsiderable amount of lovers of rates in book-makeroffices. Rates on football every day are accepted inunbelievable volumes. Book-makers simply “deify” this typeof sport, offering the most various line and maximalcoefficients for him.

A line for soccer rates is basic priority of any book-makeroffice. On the average number of the bets offered by book-makers, on soccer matches 70т of the general painting ofevents is equal. At most offices a soccer line plugs in itselfhundreds of national championships on football of bothhigher and more subzero level. For example, some бкsuggest to do a rate on National Conference that is the fifthsoccer English league.

Also the special attention book-maker offices spare to thematches of the national combined teams and tournamentsof international level.

To the most popular for rates soccer competitions, beyondall doubt, it is necessary to take the World and Europe cupson football, conducted one time per four years; annualEuropean club tournaments, such as League of Championsand League of Europe of UEFA and, certainly, leadingnational championships of the Old World, among that English Premiere – league Spanish Example.

Players in most prefer to do rates on the record favourites ofmatches. Really, temptation to make an express fromvictories of Реала, Barcelona, Arsenal, Bavaria, Chelsea orany other soccer grandee is very great. However suchapproach is correct, because book-maker offices very oftenunderstate coefficients on victories of the above-statedcommands. Besides, football workout clothes is a very unforeseeable game,where any favourite can lose to the outsider.

It is enough to remember a story football nfl fantasy full posted match between Catalan Barcelona and Kazan Rubin, when managed to play again invincibleowners with an account 2 : 1.

Not insignificant role in rates football the field factor playsthe. As a rule, soccer commands extremely rarely concedeon the field. It is provided due to stunning support of fans,and also related to the special specific of football. Thisfeature is characteristic for English championship, and alsofor the row of commands from Germany, Spain, Ukraine and Russia.

Painting of events for soccer matches shocks the volume.Not only ends, basic total but also greatnumber of the various special rates, are here accessible:individual winning 2013 fantasy football players, triple handicaps, ratesperiod/match, exact account of matches and many other.The book-maker office of Unibet suggests to put even todefine the author of the first or last goal in a match.

Some players of book-maker offices prefer to do rates not onthe end of basic match, and on separate statistical indexes.It can be amount of televised college football games , angular, yellow cards, andalso shots in gate. Advantage of such rates is inthat them it is much simpler to analyse. At the same timerates on soccer statistics have defects, in particular, not highmaximums for rates, and also the understated coefficients.

Choosing a soccer rate, it is necessary to take into accountthe style of game, preached by commands. Everychampionship has the spirit and certain mentality. Powerand pin watch live nfl football  dominates in England, and in Spain brightand living style of game with the abundance of emotions.

Rates on football are the most profitable type of sportingrates. In fact exactly here book-maker offices create all termsfor Your winning, offering maximal coefficients, wide line,video of translation of matches, their detailed statistics, andalso превью of every game. All that remains to the player,doing rates on football, it is literate to use them and begin toachieve success.