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Rates on minus handicap in basket-ball

Rates on minus handicap in basket-ball are a class of rates in book-maker offices, with that the way of any player is usually begun. Basket-ball the same is not football, more glasses hide here, and форы seem at times such funny and broken through… Really will not Barcelona win for the outsider of Spanish championship in 25 points, if they take away in Euroligue where more strong clubs under 30 points?
All seems so obviously, what only after long time comes realization that appears playing the minus handicap is very difficult and far not such simple as seems on the face of it.
All is far difficult actually. In this article I would like to tell about the most essential factors that positively influence on пробитие of minus handicap in basket-ball matches.
Beginning is needed from main. If you decided to do a rate on minus handicap, then you already depend only on one safe end: you will be arranged only by victory of favourite and only with the certain difference of glasses. For comparison at rates on plus фору you will arrange: as a defeat of your command or victory of command on that plus фора is done the c difference of not exceeding a value plus handicap. Do you feel a difference?
But about plus handicap we will talk later, while let nevertheless we will take apart in what circumstances it is needed to play minus handicap in basket-ball and what factors play in your favour.
Tournament motivation
Although in basket-ball matches are very rarely conducted on the soccer play-off system *house-departure* they pass nevertheless. In these matches it is needed to understand that in the first match one of commands will try to do a difference, and in the second match one of commands will try to retain a difference, and other vice versa to liquidate her.
Do book-makers as a rule perfectly understand in such cases to whom that it is necessary and proposes handicap taking into account this factor, simply sometimes there are such situations that the favourite of series large concedes in the first match and he in the second match is proposed with enormous форой that in an ordinary match nobody even thought to play, but if there is motivation on victory over more weak rival no less what in 17 points, and handicap – 17,5 then why and not to put if all other in behalf on the command of favourite?
The factor of motivation is often underestimated by virtue of a number of the reasons in the second rounds of national championships. As is generally known, on regulation in case of equality of glasses on results championship, advantage is got by a command at that advantage on the personal meeting, and this advantage is determined exactly by the sum of glasses in internal matches.
For example, command *And*, being not in a form on the start of championship, lost in the first circle in guests to the command *B* in 6 points. After a couple of months command *And* accepts a command *B* at home, and if these commands are not far from each other in a table, can not doubt that command *And* will try to win at a command *B* with a difference in 7 and more glasses. Thus minus handicap on a command *And* in a line before a match can make all (- 4,5) the glasses. In such cases it is possible to talk about the presence of certain minus handicap.
Sporting malice
This factor othergates can be named revenge. He usually shows up at top teams or at commands that confidently play at home. A command can be motivation by a large defeat in a guest match, by a humiliating result on the eve of match, what that by unsportsmanlike moments.
But depending only upon this factor is needed carefully, as not all commands are a characteristic to show the best internalss in necessary moment. As a rule, saying *I am wicked and memory for me the good* is applicable only to the commands, possessing a certain class. In addition you can only suppose about the presence of additional motivation of command in this match, but whether there is she actually – a command knows only.
*Bearing-out ability*
*Bearing-out ability* is predisposition to commands of minus handicap. Breaking through handicap is possible two methods: either to hammer in on 10-15 points a more rival or stop a rival collecting the norm of glasses. In modern basket-ball more often minus handicap break through a иТМ rival, i.e. through playing defence.
Ideal command for playing the minus handicap in modern basket-ball is a command that can stably hammer in more than 78 points and skip no more than 70 points. Commands that identically well play defence and attack ideal for rates on their minus handicap.
If you lean against information about trauma players, then you must clearly understand the degree of importance of players in the system of game of one or another command. For clubs with a rotary press in 9-10 persons even the loss of leader can be compensated by the deposit of players from a bench. Traumas of players going out from a bench sometimes vice versa can play the games of command toward strengthening, as a trainer will force to use the more players of starting five. Other business, that will affect factor of tiredness, but here it is already needed to look at the level of commands and championship.
The traumas of players also can not play in what separately taken match, but to affect to a full degree during the following 3-5 turns. As a rule a reaction on the trauma of one or another player in a line on European basket-ball shows up in a much less degree what in NBA. It there illness can cause falling of handicap on 2,5-3 points and anymore, and in Europe in command basket-ball, where one in the field as a rule not warrior.
Chart In European basket-ball commands live in 2 rhythms. Clubs participating in eurocups play 2 times week, and those whoever yet deserved such right conduct matches one time per a week. For a professional sportsman not problem to play 2 matches in a week, especially as the few from players now conducts for 35 -40 minutes on a ground. But when to these 2 matches flights, hotels, busses, traumas, admix is can influence on the bodily condition of player, level of preparation to the match etc.
The on occasion tense chart of matches can knock out a command from an usual rhythm and serve as another additional factor for a rate on minus handicap. For example, if one command for the last 10 days played 2 matches only, and for other command the coming meeting will become 4th for the same period of time thus three times was to play guests, it is needed to consider possibility of sure victory of more resting command.
Playing the minus handicap in basket-ball is complicated by that in her it is difficult to score a ponderable advantage above the line of book-maker. For success with rates you must put only on those matches in that your opinion fundamentally goes away with the line of book-maker. Can name fundamental position in that you expect victory in 6-12 points, and does a book-maker offer on your favourite handicap in are 7,5 points? It already rather *rate on thin* in a hope that a favourite will not relax and will win with a necessary difference.
It does not mean that rates on

Most popular types of sport in the world

Association of assistance to international motion “Sport for all” (TAFISA), presenting the permanent working group of commission of the International olympic committee (GOT WET) “Sport for all”, on XX World congress of TAFISA in Buenos Aires presented the list of 20-и of the most popular and mass types of sport in the world (in percents, from all occupying in 200 countries, including Russia), агенство reports “All sport”. Curiously, that less than, than unolympic olympic kinds appeared – nine against 11-и.
“Certainly, on scores research of TAFISA is temptation to be set by a question great: what types of sport are included in the olympic program – most popular or most being badly in need of advertisement smiled. – But to contrast olympic and unolympic kinds – wrong. Superiority of unolympic kinds above olympic on polarity and mass character talks rather about other: the kinds included in the program of summer or winter Games are so perfect standards, that they are difficult to follow.
It is impossible to wait from people that visit fitness clubs, execution even of the simplest program, from a calisthenics. Equal as and from track-and-field lovers – stunning pole vaults; for this reason leadership of track-and-field in rating of TAFISA reposes almost exceptionally on health at run and walking. And football is a not level of the national combined teams or professional clubs, and court football, beach football.
Accordingly, in the percents of swimming an about half occupy unolympic disciplines is diving very popular on resorts, and swimming, in flippers. For a hit in rating of sporting dances, think, it is needed to say “thank you” tv men. Now in many countries the world, not only in Russia, go and use enormous popularity different modifications of “Dances with stars”. Accordingly, an inflow began in the clubs of dances.
Ski sport – it ski races mainly, in “twenty” of TAFISA – due to the high level of development of amateur sport and physical education in countries Scandinavia, Finland and Sweden lead on the number of occupying in the whole world – according to 72 and 69 percents from all population of country! Well and, certainly, annual “Track leave by ski of Russia” brought in the small contribution too. Interesting situation with single combats.
Into this kind quite not olympic kinds lead is a free, греко-римская, free fight, judo, boxing, and gymnastics and single combat, ju-jutsu. Interestingly place in rating of orientation. It some mixture of sporting orientation and sporting tourism is pedestrian routes, routes of day off, including on historical places. First rating of TAFISA was entered by extreme sport. There very much different kinds: and ski-jumping, and alloy on the rivers, and break-dance, and in the latest style.
Each of them has very small percents, but in a sum turns out fully perspective a 1,1 percent. Unfortunately, the intellectual types of sport were not taken into account in research. I am sure that a chess and bridge would compete with football for the second place”.
Most popular and mass types of sport in the world (in percents, from all occupying in 200 countries, including Russia) :
1. The track-and-field (walking, at run) is 9,6 percents
2. Football is 8,4 percents
3. Swimming (including, unolympic kinds are diving and swimming in flippers) is 8,1 percents
4. Yoga is 7,4 percents
5. Bicycle sport is 6,4 percents
6. Basket-ball is 5,7 percents
7. Volley-ball (including, beach) is 5,4 percents
8. An aerobics is 5,3 percents
9. Tennis is 4,9 percents
10. Bodybuilding is 4,7 percents
11. Golf is 4,5 percents
12. Sporting dances are 3,8 percents
13. Ski sport (ski races, mountain skis) is 3,4 percents
14. Single combats (free, woman fight, boxing, judo and unolympic kinds, ju-jutsu,) are 3,4 percents
15. Table tennis is 3,1 percents
16. An orientation (tourism) is 3,0 percents
17. National types of sport (including) are 2,7 percents
18. Rock-climbing is 2,6 percents
19. Roller sport is 2,0 percents
20. Extreme sport is 1,1 percents
Other types of sport (leaders are billiards, bowling) are 4,5 percents

Analysis of sporting events

Rates on sporting events and these statisticians are indissolubly constrained inter se. Not dependency upon the experience, many players use statistics often, and those, who rates on sport engages in professionally, and even more does not do without her. In a great deal professionalism of player is determined by ability qualitatively to use data of sporting statistics for the receipt of income.
Players that only begin the steps in prognostication understand importance of statistics already after a few first rates and begin to turn to the account her for adjustment of prognoses. Quite often by him is an enough study of tournament table of certain championship and viewing of victory cerouss of each of commands. However separate people are ready to call much farther, and exactly they, later, by tests and errors necessarily will obtain the best results in sporting prognostication.
Nevertheless, it is needed to mark, about what before already mentioned in other articles, that even the most professional operating statistical data does not guarantee 100ыигрыш, that is why as, for the receipt of stable income of one of it not sufficiently and it is necessary to apply at prognostication of end of forthcoming sporting events and other information generators that on a row with statistics play not unimportant, but sometimes and more important role what the use of one only statistics.
As it was already noticed, many players use for playing book-maker offices only rapid, superficial analysis. Although outside can appear that it is very much information, in fact she joins in itself is an analysis of tournament position of command, results of domestic and guest games, and also study of results of the previous meeting.
But one of it, for successful earnings, too small. Below we will talk about it.
Now we will take apart that is included in a superficial, shallow analysis. So, the analysis of tournament position gives to us information about the form of each of commands. Separate attention needs to be turned on a domestic game commands and departure games, as this factor has a large enough value, and underestimating him is not needed.
Further, the study of results of previous oppositions of commands also can help to do a correct rate. From the analysis of a few last games it is possible to obtain information about the competitive spirit of collective and his physical form. At the same time it is necessary to study the features of game of every separate command : some of them are always adjusted on victory, and some sufficiently and draw game. To do support in a rate on victory of command, that plays a defensive mostly, in most cases not expedient.
Now let us consider that is used for an analysis and already behaves to the additional funds.
There can very useful be sporting forums to collection of information, which now great great number. Among the heap of not necessary information it is possible to find really useful information, for example future compositions of commands, possible traumas of players or even contractual matches. It is similarly needed on such forums to look information about arbiters. To know judging of one or another arbiter about styles. To know whether judges have conflicts with commands et cetera.
Not to depend exceptionally upon rumors, it is necessary to use information from a few forums, that it was possible to compare or in what to complement that information that we have already.
We will bring a result, undoubtedly statistics plays an important role sporting prognostication. At the same time for the achievement of positive results and withholding of these indexes up-to-the-mark, one only statistics appears obviously not enough. Therefore statistics needs to be examined, as one of the sources used for drafting of quality prognoses on sport.

Without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport

As this phrase sounds beautifully! What possibilities are opened before a man possessing such knowledge. Is there without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport? An answer depends for a question, first of all, from that, both you for itself understand a word without the risk of loss and from the row of other factors. It be possible to say, that without the risk of loss strategy exists not only, moreover, she even not alone.
What, let us name them:
1) Tactics of rates a fork most will suit under a typical idea about without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. If you in time found this fork in a book-maker office and put the correct size of rate, then to you, in fact, an increase is assured to balance without some possibility to lose the put money. But in practice, even following all points of strategy, you constantly will run into different problems.
Unfortunately, in opinion of all the same book-maker offices, a fork similarly is without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport. And book-makers love only those who gives money (id est conceding players) to them. Spiteful bet interactive offices watch zealously, whether next best bet auto sales did not appear on their territory. And if they you will find – to you not: at the best the limits of rates will be reduced you on sport to the improper sizes like a few roubles, and in worst – for the term of life bet top 40 with confiscation of all monetary resources on your account.
Doing rates in the largest known book-maker offices presented on our web-site, you will be able to postpone or even fully avoid such persecutions from the side of administration. In the arsenal of offices in a presence similarly there is such reception, as abolition of match on that you already did a rate on a necessity to you to the coefficient for the receipt of the assured plus.
2) Some tacticians of rates like D’Alembert, free bet racing horse betting offer, Danish system and other going after. If without the risk of loss for you assumes some losses on a way to the assured winning with their complete indemnification, then this variant for you. In spite of considerable amount of distinctions, for them general essence – on completion of cycle you in any case appear in winning. And one time you, following rules these the tactician, win assuredly, it means that they – without the risk of loss.
Generally, at the observance of one condition they will really bring you over to the inevitable winning. Condition – just presence of endless supply of monetary resources. But as though it did not sound funnily, even at the observance of this condition, book-makers and here will find a justice on you. All above-stated tacticians imply the permanent increase of rates, therefore in any case you sooner or later will abut against the maximally possible amount of bet, artificially set by an office, and not able to continue to follow the rules of strategy.
3) Contractual matches. If you on the bet jamaica sport book end of match, and similarly, maybe, and more thin indexes like the number of heads, amounts of cards et cetera, then why not to allow this information you to bring in to you a small (or nevertheless large?) return. What without the not risk of loss strategy of rates? Only and have time to guide money out of accounts of offices. Generally, strategy without the risk of loss really in all senses and aspects of this word. And an only problem is in that such information you hardly will succeed to get hold.
Although, if to enter in a search engine “contractual match, you, no doubt, will find more than million pages on this query. Do you think really, that in the world millions of persons own and gladly distribute such information to other 6 milliards of persons? If it was so, then not a single book-maker office already would not exist, because of from permanent losses to the people, owning such sports bet forum information. Therefore at once we want to caution you. 99.9 web-sites – scamers.
Think, you would become, owning such information to sell her for copecks (in relation to the sums of winning). Certainly, it is not. Only, who will get an income from such “contractual matches” – it admin web-site that sells them to the naive customers.
4) Machine of time. Principle of action is similar with a number 3, but here that you already nobody will deceive exactly, and all will be truly. Essence is maximum simple – write down a few pleasing to you scores of matches and set forth back for time, when they did not yet happen, and do rates on sport with the quiet soul. Ah yes, if you do not have the machine of time until now, will buy her. If there is not money, it is possible bravely to take a credit in a bank – after the done rates of problem with a return will arise up hardly.
5) to Use the quality prognoses on sport, made experience. Regularly doing rates on such sporting prognoses, you will increase the playing bank certainly, the middle size of your rate will increase together with him, that will bring in to you an all greater and large return.
What did we get in the total?
From a fork, rather all, there will be more problems, than benefit, and will be to operate sums considerable for a receipt though of some income. If you suddenly are a man with unlimited financial possibilities, we doubt that for you will be actual all these D’Alemberts and Danish system. Contractual matches – continuous 106 bet com park . With the machine of time all is clear too.
Thus, only the use of the requiring payment prognoses on sport, laboriously made the business professionals, it is possible to name without the risk of loss strategy of rates on sport.