Total anymore or total less than?

by indi77kz

Sometimes it is very unsimple to do a correct rate on the common amount of heads that will be driven in a match. We will tell to you then what we know about strategy of rates on total and as possible to do requiring payment sporting prognoses on total, offering, as us it seems to from one side of simple, on the other hand faithful enough method of drafting of prognoses on total.
Strategy of rates on total what does drafting of sporting prognosis begin? Usually we find the nearest, interesting in our view, game, using statistics of previous matches of commands. We do the selection of matches for the pleasing to us pair of commands.
For the successful use of strategy of rates it is important to understand on тотал, whether there is a fundamental difference for both the commands whether play they at home or in guests. Often privateers, making requiring payment sporting prognoses, by mistake consider that the domestic meeting strengthen the game of command necessarily, and guest as though a bit weaken a battle mood. It not quite correctly and individually enough for all. Necessarily study statistics separately on the guest meeting, separately on domestic for both commands, to draw conclusion.
A period, for that you take statistics, can define at discretion, we recommend to take last 10 games, with reservation, that in an offseason radical changes (the best forward will go away for example) can happen in commands, therefore this factor too will be to take into account, otherwise a result of requiring payment sporting prognosis will be incorrect.
For ocular demonstration of the use to strategy of rates on тотал, making prognoses on sport, using the simplified chart of drafting of prognoses on тотал, we will take apart statistics of the 2th thought of commands and their scores for 4 last matches (we take small matches, that it was simpler and clearer to conduct a calculation). We recommend to take for the real calculation no less than 10 last games for each of commands :
Command “А” plays with a command “B” (“А” are owners)
Scores of owners for last game:
1: 0
2: 4
0: 3
2: 2
We expect the lump sum of balls for every game (skipped hammered) – 14 balls turn out. 14/4=3,5 ball for a game. (in general, making a selection out of greater number of matches, we urgently we recommend to abort you from a calculation a low effective and highly effective duel).
Games of house :
1: 0
0: 3
Evidently, that middle result 2,0 ball for a game.
We will look the scores of guests :
1: 1
0: 2
2: 2
0: 0
Lump sum of balls : 8, accordingly a mean value is 2 balls for a game.
There is playing guests:
0: 2
0: 0
We get a middle result a 1 ball for a game, in guests effectiveness obviously below what at home (for our short evident example of strategy of rates on total)
That we get, if to lay down at first general total and to get a result, then result Owners of:
(3,5 2,0)/2=2,25 – middle тотал general for all supposed meeting of these commands
(2,0 1,0)/2=1,5 – supposed тотал for the concrete meeting.
Middle тотал we will get, laying down the first and second scores and dividing them in half: 1,875
To make the quality serious requiring payment sporting prognosis of these data it will be not enough, necessary to take into account the supposed compositions of commands on a match, interruptions between previous games, importance of meeting and great number of the additional factors not reflected straight in statistics, that difficult enough unexperienced forecast.
Memorize, in strategy of rates on тотал do a selection at least 10 last games, calculation driven to the set pattern simplified and shown out simply for evidentness of process, so that making requiring payment sporting prognoses or free prognoses on sport for itself try to collect as can to greater additional information on the state both commands to date.
You will be helped by the article: How to make requiring payment prognoses on sport
Rates on тотал by nothing worse than rates on victory of one of commands, taking into account that in this case, at multiple rates possibility of the drawn result is absent. If you gather to do rates on тотал, we recommend to choose you as base tactics of rates – to the tactician of rates Флэт, combining her with Value betting